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01 January 2010 @ 05:57 pm
 ...after a super long break from livejournal

Wow~ I've abandoned this journal quite a few times. Now I've come back to make it FRIENDS ONLY!!

Comment and add me to view icons, banners, screencaps and more!~
Some Posts Will Be Unlocked FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME :)
Then they will be locked without notice whenever I feel like doing so.
Please make sure we have some common interests :)
I like generally anything KPop or CPop related ^_^
Do not add me simply to LOOK at my graphics.
I would appreciate comments.
I will not add you if your journal is inactive, non-graphics/celebrity related or only about your personal life.
01 January 2007 @ 05:42 pm


These are some of the people whom I have taken textures, patterns and/or brushes from. This is my first time crediting them and I have taken many resources from hundreds of sites/livejournals. If you notice that I’ve used something of yours and I haven’t credited, please let me know. Sorry for not providing links...I may  edit them in at a later time...


1. colorfilter 2. gender 3. ewanism 4. _joni 5. 9thaquilo 6. teh_indy 7. 77words 8. ianthinae 9. insomiax 10. spaceyme 11. colortone 12. envious-forms 13. damnicons 14. _iconographer 15. arisubox 16. hiril_alatariel 17. cdg 18. vol4itca


1. weapon_icons 2. texturize 3. lookslikeicons 4. iconnector 5. icon_textures 6. borasaek


1. HaPix 2. Echoica 3. Hybrid Genesis 4. Paint-Pops 5. LovelyTrash


1. Da-Font